Climate around the Osa Peninsula

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Climate around the Osa Peninsula

There is a lot of differences in climate throughout Costa Rica. The lowland coastal zones, such as the Osa Peninsula or Guanacaste, are generally more dry and hot, while the mountainous zones, such as Perez Zeledon or San Jose, are cooler and rainier.

Here on the Osa Peninsula, we enjoy hot temperatures and beautiful sun year around. Even in the rainy season the sun shines often, and it rains usually only a few hours a day.

Rainy Season

Despite the general conception that it would rain all the time during the “rainy season”, it only rains a few hours a day usually. The only month when it may rain a bit more steadily (or non-stop) over a few days is October. Other than that, rain is pretty predictable during the rainy season months: It usually starts around 1 – 2 pm, and stops again in the evening around 6 – 7pm. Sometimes it rains a bit later at night, and is beautiful all throughout the day.

During the rainy season you may see some more animals on hikes, such as frogs and snakes (which like to come out more when it is a bit wetter). It is also a good time usually to catch great big game fish offshore and inshore, and to do some whale watching, since whales migrate from April to November.

Dry Season

During the dry season it can get quite hot and dry. But it also rains in the dry season – just generally a lot less and more unpredictable. The dry season is a great time to explore the park without getting too muddy and wet, and it is also a good time to go kayaking since the ocean is often quite flat. Also snorkeling is better during the dry season, since the ocean is clearer and you’ll see better.

Average Temperatures on the Osa Peninsula

Annual temperatures on the Osa Peninsula (province of Puntarenas), Costa Rica

Annual Weather Chart Costa Rica Osa Peninsula




Average Rainfall on the Osa Peninsula

On average, it rains very little during the month of December to April, and more during May to November.

Annual Rainfall on the Osa PeninsulaAverage Sunshine Hours on the Osa Peninsula

Average annual sunshine hours

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