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Luxury Beach Front Property in Cabo Matapalo, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Are you looking to live in paradise and privacy?

Watch wildlife from your backyard and buy an amazing jungle property

Watch wildlife from your backyard and buy an amazing jungle property

Would you like a hidden away private beach that is all yours? Then you may be interested in our property right at the tip of the Osa Peninsula – in Cabo Matapalo.

Cabo Matapalo is considered one of the most beautiful, pristine, and private places left in Costa Rica – there is really hardly anybody there, and you are most likely the only one sunbathing on the beach.

There are two cabinas/ bungalows on the property (Property B), with 522 meters of unmatchable natural and beautiful beachfront.

Scarlet Macaws visit the property daily

Scarlet Macaws can be seen daily on the property

One of the world’s best surf spots, Playa Matapalo, with consistent and large waves is right in front of the property – and swimming is safe at the beach as well.

The property faces the Golfo Dulce and Pavones to the East, with views of the open ocean and the Cape to the South, the West and North are the spectacular mountains of the peninsula. The world famous Corcovado National Park is in close proximity, and the secondary forest on the property is connected to the park. That makes this property ideal for a unique wildlife refuge in combination with a sustainable tourism development.

The property has registered water concessions which are year around spring fed. There are also 2 large creeks running through the land. The maritime zone is under contract (Land Use Permit) in favor of each corporation.

There are two small patio houses on the property – a small rental house and a caretaker house.

Quick Facts

  • Total square meters – 59 373sqm
  • Total Price combined -$6 804 000,00
  • Acceptable offer for all properties combined -$5 800 00,00


We’re selling the property in several different parts or as a whole – note that there is no negotiation on any individual property prices bought separately from the rest.

The parts are separated as follows (click image to enlarge):Overview of the properties we sell on the Osa Peninsula Cabo Matapalo Costa Rica 2013

  • (A) The rear property against mountain –  25 802 sqm. (2 Ha 5,802 sqm.), $100 per sqm = $2 580 200,00 (Full title property)
  • (B) The property with our houses and beach access – 16 813 sqm. (1 Ha 6,813 sqm.), $148,69 per sqm = $2 500 000,00 (ZMT)
  • (C) Across road next to river – 12 523 sqm. (1 Ha 2,523 sqm.), $100 per sqm = $1 252 300,00 (ZMT)
  • (D) The small triangle  – 1 200 sqm. $140 per sqm = $168 000,00 (ZMT)
  • (E) Small strip running between road and river  – 3 035 sqm. $100 per sqm = $303 500,00 neg (Forest Only)

The 1 200sqm piece (D) should preferably be sold along with (C). The reason for this is that it lies directly in front of (C) and may cause interference with an offer on the larger more valuable property behind it. But this is not a rule.

More Detailed Plans:

Click to see image enlarged:

Property-A_SMALLproperty-C_Small  Property B of luxury property in Cabo Matapalo






Property Location

This property is in a prime location – at the very tip of the Osa Peninsula in Cabo Matapalo, Costa Rica.